The Premier Aluminum Niche

Premier Aluminum serves the low to medium volume permanent mold casting niche. We are truly a value added supplier supplying product cast, machined, coated and assembled when needed. We have many strong relationships with valued supplies so our customers only need one point of contact.

The permanent mold process fills the casting void between sand casting and die casting. This allows for Premier to offer greater benefit to our customers by being able to compete on price, while at the same time providing competitive tooling prices to make your project a success.


Premier specializes in the production of component parts from 1 to 125 pounds, cast and machined complete. Applications are as diverse as: cast-in of heating elements, stainless and steel inserts cast into your aluminum part. We serve most industries including, but not limited to, food service, construction, furniture, medical, electrical, military, trucking and robotics. We can produce high density and high strength castings for applications where low to medium volume, assembly-ready, fully machined aluminum castings are required.

Industries Served

Food casting image.
Food & Beverage Castings and Cast-in Heating Elements
Gas casting image.
Gasoline Dispensing Equipment
Robotics casting image.
Robotics & Machine Tools
Turf care casting image.
Turf Care Products
TV and radio casting image.
TV, Radio & Cable Products
Construction casting image.
Construction and Transportation Equipment
Electrical casting image.
Pressure Tight Electrical Circuit Breakers & Utility Equipment
Medical casting image.
Medical Equipment
Conveyor casting image.
Conveyor & Processing Equipment