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Tooling and Machining


Premier Aluminum offers tooling and machining services in addition to its permanent mold aluminum casting solutions. Following is an overview of our tooling and machining services.

  • Engineering
    • Collaboration is the key to success on every project. Our tool makers, foundry men and machinists work with our customer’s team to help them design parts and integrate all processes to maximize productivity. CAD data can be submitted directly to our staff via the internet.
    • Magma Solidification software is used to improve castability as well as to help our engineers provide reliable guidance to our customers early in their design process.
  • Tool Making
    • Complete in-house die design and building capability with the ability to analyze and integrate customer CAD files. Rapid prototyping and sand castings can be used to speed time to market and simulate permanent mold castings in development.


  • CNC Machining and Finishing
    • Our fully integrated machining and assembly department matches state-of-the-art equipment with qualified technicians. Premier is equipped with both CNC vertical and horizontal machining centers and CNC lathe turning centers. We have over 70 state of the art machining assets to insure dimensional accuracy.
Low pressure casting simulation image on the tooling and machining page.

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