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Permanent Mold Casting Capabilities

The Premier Aluminum staff collaborates with customers to develop effective, efficient casting designs. Our core competency is integrating our in-house machining skills with outside services to provide ready-to-assemble components. Our permanent mold casting capabilities stem from several key casting methods.

Casting Methods

Premier Aluminum produces permanent mold aluminum castings using four methods. This versatility can best serve each application and various casting designs.

Low Pressure

Air pressure is used to force molten metal upward into a closed die cavity. This is an excellent process for circular designs as well as pressure tight vessels. These castings approach the surface finish of die castings and create a denser casting, without the higher tooling cost.

Tilt Pour

Molten metal is transferred from a holding cup into the mold in a precise microprocessor controlled sequence. This method offers high quality consistent parts to the widest variety of sizes and shapes.

Static Pour

Molten metal is ladle-poured from the top directly into a die cavity. This method is normally used for center-feed castings and accommodates a wide range of small to large castings.

Semi-Permanent Mold

Pre-formed sand cores are used with the other methods provided by Premier Aluminum. This allows casting of internal shapes, features or undercuts when “hard tooling” is not the best option.

Added Value

Premier Aluminum’s capabilities extend far beyond a typical foundry. In addition to high-quality permanent mold aluminum castings, we offer services ranging from tooling and machining through finishing and packaging. Learn more about all of our value added services by clicking the links below.

Tooling & Machining

The Premier Aluminum tooling and machining services include engineering and tool making as well as integrated CNC machining and finishing.

Pressure & Helium Testing

Premier Aluminum offers a variety of alternatives for leak detection in the castings, including pressurized air under water, pressure decay and helium leak detection.

Finishing & Testing

Premier Aluminum offers secondary services that incorporate other metalworking processes, including finishing and testing.

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