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About Premier Aluminum

Premier Aluminum is the industry leader in the production of high-quality aluminum castings to customers worldwide. We specialize in permanent mold component parts from 1 to 125 pounds, cast and machined complete.

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and the building of long term relationships. We work with customers to define their needs and to constantly improve products and services in a cost-effective and timely manner. Our goal is to create the best permanent mold aluminum castings available.

Our Niche

Premier Aluminum produces high-density and high-strength permanent mold aluminum castings for applications where low- to medium-volume, assembly-ready, fully machined aluminum castings are required. Applications are as diverse as cast-ins of heating elements and stainless steel inserts cast into aluminum parts.

We serve most industries including:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Furniture
  • Medical
  • Electrical
  • Military
  • Robotics & Machine Tools
  • Turf Care
  • TV, Radio & Cable
  • Conveyor & Processing
  • Gasoline Dispensing
Premier Aluminum's facility for high-quality aluminum castings.

Our Facility

Premier Aluminum has been creating high-quality aluminum castings since 1988 and is located in Racine, Wisconsin. The plant is located one-half hour South of Milwaukee. Our permanent mold aluminum foundry is located on 9 acres with 120,000 sq. ft. (includes 4500 sq. ft. office).
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Our Asset List

  • 18 Horizontal Machining Centers
  • 14 Verticle Machining Centers
  • 23 Lathe Turning Centers
  • 16 Casting Stations
  • 4 Coordinate Measurement Machines
  • 1 Laser Scan System
  • Extensive Melt capacity

NFFS and Premier Aluminum Partner to Provide PPE to the Foundry Industry

In mid-April 2020, NFFS became aware of one foundry’s existing supply chain for 3-pleat surgical-type dust masks. Jason Dannenberg, President of Watry Industries and Premier Aluminum (both are Ligon Companies), contacted NFFS to let us know that their companies had access to a significant quantity of dust masks available from their supplier, and wanted to know how they could help NFFS to help others in the industry.

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