Premier Aluminum Casting Capabilities

Premier Aluminum’s staff collaborates with our customers to develop effective, efficient casting designs. Our core competency is completing this process by adding value and integrating our in-house machining skills with outside services to provide ready to assemble components.

Low Pressure

Air pressure is used to force molten metal upward into a closed die cavity.

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Tilt Pour

Molten metal is transferred into the mold in a precise sequence.

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Static Pour

Molten metal is ladle-poured from the top directly into a die cavity.

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Semi-Permanent Mold

Preformed sand cores are used with the methods described to the left.

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Aluminum Alloy Selection

Premier casts the following aluminum alloys: 319, 333, 354, 355, 356, A356, 357, 360, 380, 535 and 852.

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Tooling & Machining

Our team works with our customers to design parts and integrate all processes to maximize productivity.

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Pressure and Helium Testing

Premier Aluminum offers a variety of alternatives for leak detection in the castings we produce.

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Added Value